My *2018* 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Hi again!! Happy happy February to you 💖 So last month in January, the yoga studio I belong to had a challenge to complete 30 classes in 31 days to kick off the new year strong 💪 Back in 2016 I completed this challenge and it left such an imprint on me that I knew I had … Continue reading My *2018* 30 Day Yoga Challenge


Top 3 Pilates Moves for Toned Abs

Ah, Pilates, my first fitness addiction. I began practicing almost 5 years ago and teaching just over 4 months now. Today I'm sharing 3 classical Pilates moves that never fail to work. It takes 5 minutes to do this routine, so find a small spot on the floor and enjoy!  Start by lying on your back. Knees … Continue reading Top 3 Pilates Moves for Toned Abs